Wednesday, April 18, 2012


  I've been thinking lately about getting an eReader. I love reading real paper books, but I don't have a lot of money considering the only job I have other than being a teenager and going to high school (hey, it's tough work) is the occasional babysitting job. It would be beneficial to me (and my wallet) to have all my books in one place, for cheap. And of course, I would still go to the library. I just can't resist. <3 So to those of you who have an eReader, what my question is, is: Which one should I choose?
I've been going back and forth between three choices.

1. The iPad 3. (Granted, this is a picture of the iPad 2). $550, including tax. Like I said, I'm poor. I would definitely buy the iPad 3 if money wasn't a problem as it is far superior to any of the other tablets on the market. I love Apple as a company. I have the iPhone and a Mac laptop and I have no complaints thus far. I would get the iPad 2, but I want the newest possible technology, as I'm going to be using it for a long time. The iPad has both Kindle and Nook apps to buy books plus it's own store, iBooks. The iPad would definitely have a larger selection of books than any of the other tablets, but is getting an iPad worth it?

    2. The Nook Tablet. This tablet is definitely better for me financially (about half the price of an iPad!) I have a membership to B&N so the price is about $225 (not including tax). I've heard some good and not so good reviews about this. My friend has a Nook and she likes it, but she also has an iPad and she likes it more. I like the Nook because it has expendable storage. Then again, I don't like Barnes and Nobles. $25 bucks for a membership??? Please. But it's the only bookstore that is semi-near me. (I miss my Borders stores!)

Which brings me to my third choice. The Kindle Fire. Again, I have heard some good and bad reviews but it seems as if everyone in the blogging community has a Kindle of some sort. Amazon has tons of free and discount books and that's a pretty big pro in my eyes. I'll see blogs out there dedicated to peoples' Kindles, just raving about them. Price wise its about $200 not including tax, the cheapest of them all. The Kindle and the Nook are pretty much the same, except that with the Kindle, you can't expand your storage space. The Kindle can hold about 6,000 books (I believe), so who needs that extra storage. Like I said, I'm still planning on reading paper books.

What do you think? Do you own any of these electronics? 


  1. I would go with the Kindle since it is the best value. You don't need to keep all of your books stored there since you can leave them on your computer or their new cloud service. I got a nook since at the time it was the only ereader really compatible with netgalley. Now, they support all readers. My husband got an iPad and for reading, it is not all that special. I ended up playing games and tweeting more than reading on it.

  2. I have an original iPad and I use the Kindle app to buy books from Amazon and you can also add apps to read other ebook formats!

  3. Thanks guys, for your input. I'm still contemplating, but I've narrowed it down to either the Nook or the Kindle.


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