Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sunshine Award

Yay! First blog award! Actually, two different bloggers awarded this to us so does that count as two? 
Anyways, big thanks to Megan at The Book Babe. Go check out her blog. It's pretty awesome. She was our first follower. So yeah, big props to her. :) Also big thanks to Candi at Just Can't Beat Books. Again, awesome blog, so check it out. :D

So we're still new to the blogging community and when we got this "award" we were both kinda just like, "Huh? A blog award?" But this award is to help with new YA book bloggers that have a small amount of followers. (And hey! That's us!) It's pretty much perfect. 

The award requires that we answer some questions so here it goes:

1. Favorite Color? Witcha: Green
                            Zhanna: Orange2. Animal? Witcha: Wolf

                  Zhanna: I love puppies. 
3. Number? Witcha: 17
                  Zhanna: 9 
4. Non-alcoholic Drink? Witcha: Lemonade
                                     Zhanna: Iced Tea 
5. Facebook or Twitter? Witcha: Neither
                                     Zhanna: Facebook.  
6. My  Our Passions: Witcha: Reading
                                Zhanna: Reading! Sleeping! I love food. mmm yes. I do love food. 
7. Getting or Giving Presents: Witcha: Giving
                                             Zhanna: Giving 
8. Pattern: Witcha: Stripes
                Zhanna: Zebra... or Cheetah. Gaudy, huh? Too much reality T.V.9. Day of the Week: Witcha: Wednesday
                               Zhanna: Uh Friday, duh. 
10. Flower: Witcha: Orchid
                  Zhanna: ^ What she said. 
The award also says that we must award ten other blogs with this award. Honestly we haven't figured that out yet, but this post will soon be updated with the winners, and if you are one of the winners, we will tell you directly. 

Also, you might have noticed that we haven't been updating recently. We've been going through testing all week and it's been kind of insane. We've been reading a bunch though, and have books ready to be reviewed for y'all, so don't give up :)

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