Sunday, April 8, 2012

Perfect by Ellen Hopkins

Title: Perfect
Author: Ellen Hopkins
Pages: 622
Published: September 13, 2011

Everyone has something, someone, somewhere else that they’d rather be. For four high-school seniors, their goals of perfection are just as different as the paths they take to get there. Cara’s parents’ unrealistic expectations have already sent her twin brother Conner spiraling toward suicide. For her, perfect means rejecting their ideals to take a chance on a new kind of love. Kendra covets the perfect face and body—no matter what surgeries and drugs she needs to get there. To score his perfect home run—on the field and off—Sean will sacrifice more than he can ever win back. And Andre realizes that to follow his heart and achieve his perfect performance, he’ll be living a life his ancestors would never have understood. Everyone wants to be perfect, but when perfection loses its meaning, how far will you go? What would you give up to be perfect?

So I've been down in the book dumps lately, if you couldn't tell from a couple of my previous reviews. I haven't been able to get in to them as the writing was bad, or the plot wasn't able to hold my attention. You know, the usual. 
I've read all of Ellen Hopkins's books before Perfect and I love all of them. They aren't exactly light reads per say, but they are always very real, uncensored. 
I love Ellen Hopkins because she understands so many different types of teenagers so well. I often have to stop and wonder who this woman is and what she must have gone through. 

I have different views on poetry. Most of the poems that I will have to read in class, I won't understand until the teacher has gone over it. I won't catch the symbolism or theme or even what's going on. 
With Ellen Hopkins though, she makes poetry so easy to understand and simple to read between the lines to get what she is actually saying. 
The stories are so heartfelt and painful that it's almost as if you are inside the person's head. 

I think this book was exactly what I needed. I needed a book that I knew was going to be good no matter what. It's given me more confidence to pick up another dystopia novel and to try again even though the ones that I have read lately totally sucked. 
So yeah, I really loved this book. The characters were all so different so I wasn't bored. WITCHA, yesterday, asked me, "So, who are your favorite characters?" I couldn't really answer right away because they were all so interesting to read about. 

If you're thinking about reading this book, I definitely suggest reading Impluse by Ellen first. You get more background on Connor (a major part in Perfect)
Cover: 5/5 (definitely my favorite out of all her book covers)
Character Rating(s): 5/5 (as always)
Style: 5/5
Development: 4/5


  1. Hmm... I read Burned by her and am wary of reading another book by her not that I didn't like Burned but it pissed me off royally so maybe this is a good one to start with her unless it's part of a series? <- longest sentence ever :P

  2. I think you should start with Impulse by her. It was one of my favorites.


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